Historical Faculty

The Harvard Department of Psychology (together with the Department of Social Relations, which was folded into it) was home to some of the most eminent psychologists in history, including the founder of the field in the United States, one of the first women in experimental psychology (she invented "paired associate learning"), a Nobel laureate, two icons of the 1960s counterculture, the originators of the terms "identity crisis," and "six degrees of separation," and one of the twentieth century's pioneers in neuroscience. These biographical sketches of historic Harvard were written by Rebecca Sutherland and Steven Pinker.

Historical Faculty

 S. S. Stevens

S. S. Stevens

The Power Law
Psychophysical Scaling and Measurement Theory

In 1934 Stanley Smith Stevens received his Ph.D. from the newly independent psychology department at Harvard, and two years later accepted a position as...

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Georg von Békésy

Georg von Békésy

Psycho-Acoustic Laboratory
Nobel Prize lecture (1961) for work in the Department of Psychology

The only Nobel Prize awarded to a scientist for work in the Department of Psychology at Harvard went to a biophysicist who had spent much of his early...

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Robert Winthrop White

Personality and Motivation for Competence
Effects of Personality on Political Opinions
Robert White earned his Bachelor of Arts in History in 1925 from Harvard College, and a Masters in American History in 1926 from Harvard.... Read more about Robert Winthrop White
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