Chelsea Boccagno

Chelsea Boccagno

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Chelsea Boccagno

Chelsea is a third-year graduate student under the primary mentorship of Dr. Jill Hooley.  Her research explores the flexibility of identity (e.g., self-concept malleability) and emotion (e.g., cognitive emotion regulation), as well as when and for whom this flexibility either protects against or contributes to direct and indirect self-injurious thoughts and behaviors (e.g., non-suicidal self-injury and disordered eating behaviors, respectively).  Her broad goal for this line of work is to inform and advance the prediction, assessment, and treatment of a broad array of self-injurious behaviors.  To do so, Chelsea's work involves behavioral lab studies and online data collection, and spans levels of analysis (e.g., cognitive and psychophysiological).  Alongside this, Chelsea has served as a behavioral therapist at McLean Hospital for individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and currently serves as a cognitive behavioral therapist at Massachusetts General Hospital for individuals with major depressive disorder. 



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