Jerome  Kagan

Jerome Kagan

Professor (Emeritus)

Daniel and Amy Starch Research Professor of Psychology

William James Hall, 8th Floor, Room 806
p: 617 495 3870
Herbert Kelman

Herbert Kelman

Professor (Emeritus)
Social Influence and Attitude Change

Professor Kelman received his Ph.D. at Yale University, where he worked with Carl Hovland in the early days of the Yale attitude change project. He first came to Harvard in 1957 as Lecturer on Social Psychology in the Social Relations Department.... Read more about Herbert Kelman

William James Hall, 13th Floor, Room 1304
p: 617-495-3816
Kasey Krueger

Kasey Krueger

Business Office
Accounting Assistant V

Kasey is a full-time accounting assistant in the Business Office. She handles purchasing-card transactions, web voucher & non-employee...

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WJH 2nd Floor, Room 240
p: 617 496 2590
Karl Lashley

Karl Lashley

The Representation and Processing in the Mammalian Cebral Cortex

Karl Lashley joined the Harvard faculty in 1935, and in the ensuing twenty years he expanded his research on the representation and localization of...

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