Research Fellowships

Outside fellowship income will generally replace a Harvard fellowship on a dollar-by-dollar basis. Students who have an NSF fellowship, for example, will receive the NSF stipend rather than the originally-scheduled Harvard stipend. NSF awardees may not defer the fellowship in the G1 or G2 year in order to receive a Harvard stipend, though they may defer a later year if they prefer to put off teaching for a year. For example, a student who wins an NSF fellowship in spring of the G1 year must take it in the G2 year, in lieu of the Harvard stipend, but may defer the 2nd year of the NSF in order to teach in the G3 year and then take the NSF in years four and five.  Students  may receive a bonus of up to $4,000 for every year of external funding awarded.

NSF Fellowships

The Department strongly urges all eligible students to apply for this prestigious and lucrative award.  We have a strong track record of our students being selected, and your adviser will be able to help you with the research proposal.  Winners receive aid towards tuition and a generous stipend for three years.  The NSF would replace your previously-awarded Harvard fellowship, but students  may be eligible for an incentive award from Harvard for each year of outside funding awarded.

The application deadline is earlier than in previous years: for applicants in Psychology, it's NOVEMBER 3.

To be eligible, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and have no more than 12 months of previous graduate training.  College seniors and first- and second-year graduate students may apply.  If you have had previous graduate training in a signficanctly different field, the 12 month rule may be waived.

The fellowship is for research-based programs.  Clinical students are eligible if their research is basic rather than applied.

NDSEG Fellowships

Another national fellowship competition open to U.S. citizens or permanent residents at the beginning of their graduate program, this program awards a small number of lucrative three-year fellowships in "cognitive, neural, and behavioral sciences."

Graduate Society Fellowships

Administered by GSAS, are available in several categories: summer or term-time pre-prospectus fellowships, dissertation writing, or dissertation completion fellowships. Watch for announcements in the spring semester.

Sackler Fellowships 

The Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation has endowed a fund to be administered by a committee composed of faculty from both psychology and the medical school. The Program supports research for scholars conducting psychobiological studies of direct relevance to human clinical problems. Graduate students are eligible for both living stipends and research funds. Students must be nominated by their advisors, and nominations are solicited in March or April. Interested students should speak to their advisors.