Fall 2020 - Second Year Projects

Cohort of Trainees

Congratulations to the G3’s on their fantastic Second Year Project Talks! Wonderful work done by all!

See below for a list of students and their talk title.

Seda Akbiyik: Preserved Recognition of Simple Visual Features in Stimulus-Based Neglect

Nessa Bryce: Evaluation of Common Brain Parcellations Used in the a priori Identification of Primary Functional Networks

Joshua Cetron: Attitude importance, more than extremity, predicts costly intergroup behavior

Daniel Coppersmith: Real-Time Multimodal Assessment and the Temporal Dynamics of Suicidal Thoughts

Stephanie DeCross: Dynamic Alterations in Neural Networks Supporting Aversive Learning in Trauma-Exposed Children as Mechanisms Underlying Psychopathology

Ellen Finch: When Narcissistic Injuries Still Hurt: Examining the Relationship Between Narcissistic Grandiosity and Reliving Past Painful Events

Katherine Grisanzio: Changes in Negative Affective Experience in Childhood and Adolescence: Links to Social Functioning and Life Satisfaction

Rachel Horn: Exploring Indicators of Youth Psychotherapy Response via Random Forest

Grant Jones: Mindfulness and Affect: A Network Analytic Approach

Sarah Kalinowski: The Neural Underpinnings of Spatial Context in Autobiographical Memory and Future Simulation

Margaret (Maggie) Kandel: A Sofa By Any Other Name: Effects of Codability and Frequency in Adult and Child Picture Naming Provide Evidence for Cascading Activation in Language Production

Mike Osorio: A Clinical Investigation of Retroactive Jealousy

Deshawn Sambrano: Neither Threat of Shock nor Acute Psychosocial Stress Affect Ambiguity Attitudes

Akshita Srinivasan: Learning math at home

Simge Topaloglu: How Kids Learn Presuppositions
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