William James Hall

Audio/Visual Equipment

Faculty, Staff, and Students in William James Hall may borrow equipment from the Psychology Administrative Office (WJH 230) for use within the building.  You must sign out the equipment and return it at the time you specified in your reservation so that it will be available for others to use.  

After hours, equipment should be turned in to the security guard who will place the equipment in the Center Office. If the guard is touring the building, please lock the equipment in your office and notify the Center Office (617-495-3801).  Please note that users are liable for replacement costs of unreturned equipment and accessories.   

If you are in need of any other type of AV equipment for any FAS location except for Sever Hall (617-495-9470), the Science Center (617-495-5357) or CGIS (617-495-9807), please contact the Media and Technology Office located in the Science Center. Their phone number is 617-495-9460. You should reserve equipment at least one week in advance.  Visit their website for more information.   

Copiers and Fax Machines


There are three heavy duty copiers in Room 22 (basement). There is also a smaller copier in B-13 and in the 14th floor lounge (room 1450). These machines are equipped with Crimson Cash card readers only, and are 6.5¢ per copy.

Harvard Printing & Publications (617-495-2175) and C.W. Beane Copy Service (617-484-3500) will also do your copying and are a good alternative. They will pick up and deliver bulk copying.


Although each department in WJH has its own fax machine for internal administrative use, there is also a general-use fax machine available to all building occupants in Suite B 13. The fax number is 617-495-3728. Faxes can be received by anyone with a WJH address. Sending is free to on-campus, centrex lines only. A Personal Authorization Code (PAC) -- linked to a University account that can be charged -- is required to send a fax off-campus. Check with your department's administrative office to see if you are eligible for such an account. Incoming faxes are delivered to your office with the morning mail, and later in the day with the afternoon package delivery. If you can't wait, you can check the boxes (alphabetized) next to the machine for your fax.

Emergencies & Fire Safety

Cambridge Police and Fire and Rescue Squads are at 911.

Harvard Police can be reached at 617-495-1212.

In case of fire, the fire alarms are to the left and right of the elevators, by the back stairways. If you are in the building when the alarm sounds (and there is no doubt when the alarm sounds, we assure you), leave your office or classroom quickly, close the door behind you, and use the rear stairways to leave the building, exiting through the fire doors, and congregating on the lawn alongside Divinity Avenue so that we can keep the front entrance area clear for the Fire Department. It is unsafe to use the elevators in the event of a fire.

Keys & Access

Come to the Center Office (Suite B12) for all key transactions, or to have your Harvard ID card programmed for after-hours access. Written authorization (email is fine) from the appropriate sponsoring professor or department administrator is required for keyed or electronic access to to the building and the rooms or labs within. All students and Postdoctoral Fellows must pay a deposit per key, which will be refunded to you when you return your keys the Center Office.  

Keys will be issued between the hours of 9:00 am and 12:00 noon only. 

In the same way that rooms@wjh directs room requests to all Center Office staff (all two of us now), you can now use keys@wjh to make key requests.  You'll always reach one of us this way.  This email address can also be used in conjunction with the Key Request Form, available from our website at

You need to use the Key Request Form only if you are picking up keys for someone else, as we need to collect  information from all keyholders.  Note:  Except under extraordinary circumstances, please send new keyholders directly to the Center Office so we can meet them in person, make the name/face connection, collect key deposits from them, etc. 

Lost & Found

If you have lost or found something in William James Hall, please turn it in to the Center Office downstairs in the Basement (Suite B-12).  The Center Office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The main phone number is 617-495-3801.


Postage scales, charts, and other mailing information are available outside the Center Office (Suite B12 in the basement). Outgoing U.S. mail is picked up Monday through Friday at approximately 5 p.m. from the letter box outside the mailroom on the first floor, room 106.

Outgoing University mail is collected from the boxes on each floor in the early morning, and from the tote outside the mailroom around 10 a.m.

The mail crew can be reached at 617-495-3808 Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. or by email to mailroom@wjh. If you have problems, this is a better option, since the Center Office is automatically copied on all email sent to this address.

There is a Federal Express dropoff box in the lobby on the 1st floor, from which outgoing packages are picked up at 7:00 p.m. every weekday.

For U.S. mail, please note that United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations require that any packages weighing 16 oz. or more cannot be dropped in the letter box outside the mailroom, nor can they be left for pickup. They must be hand-delivered to and processed by a "known mailer". In our case, that is the WJH Mail Crew, which will mark these so-called "Target Mail" packages, and deliver them via Harvard University Mail Services to a special bay or window at the Post Office, separate from other mail or packages. Non-compliance will result in having your package returned to sender marked "rejected"by the USPS. Visit the USPS website at for further info regarding the U.S. mail.

Receiving Mail in William James Hall

  1. Faculty mailboxes on the second floor will be open for delivery and all faculty mail will be delivered to the new mailbox next to the Graduate Office.
  2. Lab mail will be delivered to a Lab mailboxes just above the Faculty boxes.  Lab mail will include Post Docs, Visitors, and RAs.
  3. Graduate Student mail remains the same - it will be delivered to the 2nd floor Grad Student Mail boxes.
  4. Packages will remain the same -- delivery to individual offices whenever possible. 
  5. General mailings like the Resource, etc. -- bundles will continue to be dropped off on individual floors.
  6. Lecturers will receive their mail also on the 2nd floor in 3 mailboxes next to the Administrative Office.

Checks are held in the Center Office (Suite B12) for safekeeping and notification is sent alerting you to your good fortune. Payroll checks arrive on the 15th of each month for Teaching Fellows, bi-weekly (on Friday) for regular payroll Staff, and on the last working day of the month for Faculty.

Any suspicious looking incoming mail or packages should not be opened. Please report them to the Center Office (617-495-3801) and/or the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) (617-495-1212).  

Maintenance Requests

When there is a problem with toilets, sinks, etc. in William James Hall, please use the following link to place a maintenance request:

Requests on this go through the next day,  if its an emergency, contact me at the information below or call the control center at 617-495-5560.


Parking permits will be issued between the hours of 9:00 am and 12:00 noon only.

Parking hang-tags for the current parking year (September 1st to August 31) have been issued to Faculty and Staff, and if you have one, it should be on your car. Because of the large number of William James permits issued annually, Parking Office monitors and the Harvard Police will be particularly diligent in ticketing and towing unauthorized vehicles from our lot behind the building (including weekends, semester breaks, and holidays.) 

Visitor permits: Bill Santoro coordinates parking for eligible WJH occupants. On a strictly limited basis, authorized visitors and guest speakers may purchase one-day permits for the WMJS lot, which is otherwise restricted to annual permit holders and certain labs that use them for human subjects research. Visitor permits for the WMJS lot must be arranged in advance. Members of the department can apply for  a Parking Pass using the Voucher Form. Log in to this site (upper right hand corner of this page) to access this form. To download the form, click on the the "Resources (Login)" tab at left (above Dept Ins & Outs) and click on your user group. From here, click on the "Forms" link and find the "Psychology Dept Parking  Pass Voucher Form (doc)." You must provide a 33-digit billing code on this form, as well as the business purpose. Please check with the Business Office to verify your billing code is correct before submitting this form to the Center Office. 

You can also call Harvard Parking Services at 617-495-3772, or visit their website for further information regarding parking options on campus. New applications for the WMJS lot must be processed by Bill Santoro in the Center Office (617-495-3801). 

For renewals only:  Please go to the parking renewal website at 

Paper applications for new applicants: Please fill out the application and then send it to Bill Santoro, who will attach a letter authorizing HU Parking Services to issue the permit. 

Visitor parking for other lots nearby (Broadway Garage, ANDO, etc.) may be purchased directly from the Parking Office (3 Bow St.) or can be purchased online.  You should know that ticketing and towing is done either by request of the Building Operations Office (Suite B12) or by the police and parking monitors -- who have no particular schedule, and do not inform us in advance if they are planning to tag and tow. Redeeming your car from the towing company, in Allston, costs over $60 and is a considerable nuisance.

Research Integrity


The Research Integrity Resources Initiative provides tools to support the stewardship of strong research data, to manage conflict, communication, and/or behavioral concerns to avoid misunderstandings that may lead to allegations of research misconduct, and to foster an environment of transparency and stronger data integrity among members of a research team.


Security & Safety

A wallet or purse in an unlocked office or desk is an easy target. Thieves check all the likely hiding places -- desks, file cabinets, behind doors.

Lock your office if you leave, even if just for a trip down the hall to check the mail. Carry your office key.

If you must keep expensive portable items in your office, lock them inside a cabinet or desk drawer. The Building Operations Office (Suite B12) can provide you with a copy of the key. The University does not carry theft insurance for personal property; insurance is available, at a fee, for computers and other equipment. Call the Insurance Office, 617-495-7970, for details.

Harvard offers free walking escort and transportation services for the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

The Campus Escort Program runs:
Sun.-Wed. from 10:30 p.m. - 2 a.m. and
Thurs.-Sat. from 10:30 p.m. - 3 a.m.
Call 617-(38)4-8237

The fully accessible Evening Van Service runs nightly from 7p.m. - 3a.m.; the last call must be received by 2:30 a.m. Call 617-(49)5-0400

For more information about staying safe, visit or call 617-(49)5-1215.