Trainee Spotlight

Our trainees are doing exceptional work! In this section, we “spotlight” trainees each semester who are doing exciting work. We highlight research they are conducting and related accomplishments. 

We want to extend a big congratulations to our undergraduate senior thesis writers! These seniors have completed a major academic milestone - see below for information on their exciting projects!


Amy Carolus: Emotional Support and Emotion Differentiation: The Role of Emotion Scaffolding in Emotional Development (Supervisors: Kate McLaughlin,

David Weissman; Reader: John Weisz)


Ryan Chappell: Eating Disorders in the Transgender Community: Body Dissatisfaction and Gender Dysphoria as Predictive Factors (Supervisor: Matt Nock; Reader: Rebecca Shingleton)


Malila Freeman: Nature Exposure as a Protective Factor Against Negative Cognitive and Mental Health Outcomes in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic (Supervisors: Kate McLaughlin, Maya Rosen; Reader: Shelley Carson)


Julia Friedman: Choice Amnesia: When difficult product choices are harder to remember (Supervisors: Michael Norton, David Levari; Reader: Daniel Gilbert)


Ece Hakim: Revisiting the Surgeon Riddle: The Pervasiveness of the Surgeon = Male Stereotype and the Role of Gender-Neutral Language as a Mitigator (Supervisor: Mahzarin Banaji; Reader: Jennifer Lerner)


Liz Kaye: The Trajectory of Friendships and Interpersonal Closeness in First-Year Undergraduates (Supervisor: Max Krasnow, Rhea Howard; Reader: Fiery Cushman)


Jenna Lang: Truth Be Told: Belief in and Memory for Sources of Emotional Fake News (Supervisors: Dan Schacter, Nadia Brashier; Reader: Elizabeth Phelps)


Malia Marks: Clinician-Documented Agitation and Proximal Suicide Risk on a Psychiatric Inpatient Unit (Supervisors: Matt Nock, Kate Bentley; Reader: Patrick Mair)


Yuri-Grace Ohashi: Discerning Attitudes towards Norms, Control, & Eating (D.A.N.C.E. Study): Identity, social pressure, and body image in the development of disordered eating thoughts and behaviors among pre-professional adolescent ballet dancers (Supervisors: Matt Nock, Shirley Wang; Reader: Rebecca Shingleton)


Ifeoma Okoli: Utilizing the MOSAIC Model to Analyze Stereotypes Based on the Intersectionality of Race, Gender, and Religion (Supervisors: Joshua Greene,

Asma Ghani; Reader: Nicole Noll)


Noah Ramos: Translating Stigma: Identifying Factors Associated with Filipino and American Attitudes Towards Mental Disorders and their Treatment (Supervisor: Rich McNally; Reader: Rebecca Shingleton)


Joyce Seok: Musical Synchronization as a Cooperative Signal (Supervisors: Max Krasnow, Samuel Mehr; Reader: Bethany Burum)


Marcus Trenfield: The Positive Effect of Rationalization on Recall Accuracy (Supervisors: Fiery Cushman, Adam Bear; Reader: Daniel Gilbert)


Eric Wilson: Reputational Effects of Observability on Strategic Ignorance (Supervisors: Daniel Gilbert, Bethany Burum; Reader: Fiery Cushman)