Trainee Spotlight

Our trainees are doing exceptional work! In this section, we “spotlight” trainees each semester who are doing exciting work. We highlight research they are conducting and related accomplishments. 

Congratulations to the G3’s on their fantastic Second Year Project Talks! Wonderful work done by all!

See below for a list of students and their talk title.

Seda Akbiyik: Preserved Recognition of Simple Visual Features in Stimulus-Based Neglect

Nessa Bryce: Evaluation of Common Brain Parcellations Used in the a priori Identification of Primary Functional Networks

Joshua Cetron: Attitude importance, more than extremity, predicts costly intergroup behavior

Daniel Coppersmith: Real-Time Multimodal Assessment and the Temporal Dynamics of Suicidal Thoughts

Stephanie DeCross: Dynamic Alterations in Neural Networks Supporting Aversive Learning in Trauma-Exposed Children as Mechanisms Underlying Psychopathology

Ellen Finch: When Narcissistic Injuries Still Hurt: Examining the Relationship Between Narcissistic Grandiosity and Reliving Past Painful Events

Katherine Grisanzio: Changes in Negative Affective Experience in Childhood and Adolescence: Links to Social Functioning and Life Satisfaction

Rachel Horn: Exploring Indicators of Youth Psychotherapy Response via Random Forest

Grant Jones: Mindfulness and Affect: A Network Analytic Approach

Sarah Kalinowski: The Neural Underpinnings of Spatial Context in Autobiographical Memory and Future Simulation

Margaret (Maggie) Kandel: A Sofa By Any Other Name: Effects of Codability and Frequency in Adult and Child Picture Naming Provide Evidence for Cascading Activation in Language Production

Mike Osorio: A Clinical Investigation of Retroactive Jealousy

Deshawn Sambrano: Neither Threat of Shock nor Acute Psychosocial Stress Affect Ambiguity Attitudes

Akshita Srinivasan: Learning math at home

Simge Topaloglu: How Kids Learn Presuppositions