Student / Trainee Spotlight

Our students and trainees are doing exceptional work! In this section, we “spotlight” students and trainees each semester who are doing exciting work. We highlight both research and non-academic accomplishments. 

This fall, our current third year psychology graduate students presented on their second year projects.

See below for a list of students and their talk title - they did a fantastic job!!

Haoxue Fan: Trait somatic anxiety is associated with reduced directed exploration and underestimation of uncertainty

Olivia Fitzpatrick: Project SOLVE: A randomized, school-based trial of a low-intensity digital problem-solving intervention for adolescent mental health during the coronavirus-era

Chris Hamblin: VISCNN: A Tool for Visualizing Interpretable Subgraphs in CNNs

Steven Kasparek: Differentiating Between Us & Them: Reduced In-Group Bias as a Novel Mechanism Linking Childhood Violence Exposure with Internalizing Psychopathology

Emily Mellen: Exploring the Role of Sexual Assault and Sexual Minority Stigma in Psychopathology and Treatment Seeking Outcomes

Azure Reid-Russell: The body location, description, appraisals, and interpretations of interoceptive stimuli and self-injurious thoughts and behaviors

​​Cony Vidal Bustamante: Fluctuations in Behavior and Affect in University Students Measured Using Deep Phenotyping