Fall 2021 - Second Year Projects

In Fall 2021, our third year psychology graduate students presented on their second year projects.

See below for a list of students and their talk title - they did a fantastic job!!

Haoxue Fan: Trait somatic anxiety is associated with reduced directed exploration and underestimation of uncertainty

Olivia Fitzpatrick: Project SOLVE: A randomized, school-based trial of a low-intensity digital problem-solving intervention for adolescent mental health during the coronavirus-era

Chris Hamblin: VISCNN: A Tool for Visualizing Interpretable Subgraphs in CNNs

Steven Kasparek: Differentiating Between Us & Them: Reduced In-Group Bias as a Novel Mechanism Linking Childhood Violence Exposure with Internalizing Psychopathology

Emily Mellen: Exploring the Role of Sexual Assault and Sexual Minority Stigma in Psychopathology and Treatment Seeking Outcomes

Azure Reid-Russell: The body location, description, appraisals, and interpretations of interoceptive stimuli and self-injurious thoughts and behaviors

​​Cony Vidal Bustamante: Fluctuations in Behavior and Affect in University Students Measured Using Deep Phenotyping
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