Allie Pagano

Allie Pagano

Academic Office
Graduate Program Coordinator

Allie is responsible for all aspects of the Graduate Program Office in the Department. She acts as the liaison between students, faculty and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS). She Informs students about program requirements, deadlines, faculty about policy and regulation regarding the doctoral program, issues of concern and status of individual students. Allie administratively supports the Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD) and the DGS. She works with the Department’s Admissions committee. She provides information to prospective applicants and visiting students and arranges agenda for their visits. She assigns teaching fellow (TF)and teaching assistant (TA) appointments, matching student interest and ability with faculty preference and student financial need. She processes appointments for TAs/TFs and manages payroll of this group. Recruits TAs as needed. Processes appointments for College Fellows and Lecturers. She maintains student files, advises students and faculty and CHD about missing/delayed requirements and assists students with all administrative details with the University. Allie troubleshoots grade, payroll, visa problems as well as CHD petitions and fellowship applications. She works with the Department’s Curriculum Committee and the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies to manage faculty teaching assignments and an orderly progression and timing of Psychology’s curriculum. She liaises with the University Registrar and local Building Operations to find classrooms for Psychology’s courses. She responds to periodic surveys about the graduate student program from the University, American Psychological Association, National Science Foundation, National Register, etc. Maintains postings of academic jobs, and opportunities for graduate students. She hosts graduate student functions to include; incoming student reception, second-year project event, and commencement reception. She administers Psychology’s internal list-servs and performs updates to the Department’s website pertaining to graduate students and courses. Finally, Allie is responsible for the Department’s course catalog.

Contact Information

WJH 2nd Floor, Room 210
p: 617 495 3810

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