We have many initiatives underway. Below is a sampling of some of our current ongoing projects. If you have any ideas, questions, or suggestions, please reach out to us at

Active/ongoing initiatives:

  • Completed our inaugural graduate and RA application feedback workshop to help URM individuals enhance their graduate/RA applications (PPREP)
  • Conducting an audit of our graduate student application processes
  • Creating an organized process to provide support for individuals who experience  racism and related incidents 
  • Developing initiatives to support and recruit URM undergraduate trainees and research staff
  • Supporting our community's immediate desire to self-educate through small-group discussions that continue the town-hall conversation 
  • Strengthening our community through grassroots efforts 
  • Contributing to a community-level anti-racism workshop, coordinated with FAS.
  • Developing a system for keeping the community actively and sustainably aware of and involved with DIB Committee initiatives