Return Planning

The Department of Psychology is currently engaged in planning for a multi-stage, low-density return to campus.  Allowable office occupancy levels have increased from 10% to 25%.  Buildings remain locked and are accessible only for individuals with appropriate approvals in place prior to entry.  To request access, please see the information below that most closely corresponds to your needs.
Those who can continue to work remotely should continue to work remotely.
Individuals who have been asked by a supervisor to return to work are generally expected to return to work. If you have concerns about returning to campus due to a pre-existing health condition or other confidential matter, you may request Workplace Accommodations or contact Krista Lester to discuss your options.
All members of the community are strongly encouraged to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available to them. Information on where you can receive the vaccine can be found on the University’s vaccine webpage.
If you have already been vaccinated, please notify HUHS by sending a clear copy of your completed vaccination card to Safety measures (hand-washing, mask-wearing, social distancing, etc.) remain in place for all members of the community whether they are vaccinated or not.
Those with approved plans or access requests must first...
One-Time or Recurring Access Requests (<4 hours/week)
Office Re-Occupancy Requests
  • For regular, repeat office visits, complete an Office Re-Occupancy Form.
  • Forward the completed form to your PI.
  • PIs may approve, deny, or integrate into a larger lab plan.
  • PIs submit completed materials via email to Matt Nock and Krista Lester for review and routing for Divisional approval
  • Allow 7-10 days for decanal review/approval.
Lab Re-Occupancy Requests
iven the important health implications of return planning, PIs are expected to be intimately familiar with the details of re-entry plans for all members of their lab. Departmental review will consider room-by-room square footage and airflow (CFM) measures compared with the number of occupants in each room. Questions generated by departmental review will be directed to PIs for clarification.
Currently, testing rooms in WJH are limited to one person at a time due to air flow limitations. If your plan exceeds one person per room or any close contact exceeding 15 minutes, please contact Environmental Health and Safety at for recommendations and possible alternatives, which may include a HEPA unit. Include any EH&S recommendations as part of your plan documentation.
Requirements for Lab Re-entry
Additional Requirements for Resumption of Human Subject Research
Resources & Guidelines
  • Generally, try to allow at least 100 sq. ft. and 100 CFM per person per room (see HVAC info for detail)
  • If square footage and/or CFM are insufficient, request a HEPA filtration unit (Harvard-provided) or suggest alternative safety measures
  • Specific schedules are required so the Department can ensure occupancy on each floor and the entire building at any given time
  • Soap, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and wipes are provided in common areas throughout buildings for shared use
  • Other PPE and cleaning supplies needed for regular use within labs are the lab’s responsibility and should be outlined in plans
  • Participant PPE is a lab expense and can be charged to grants in some cases (please check with the Business Office about specific grants)
  • Harvard-provided surgical masks will be provided for approved personnel (one mask per person per day).