Return Planning

The Department of Psychology is currently engaged in planning for a multi-stage, low-density return to campus.

At this time, those who can continue to work remotely should continue to do so indefinitely.

For research labs that require an on-campus presence, PIs will work with the Department and the Division to ensure appropriate safety protocols are in place prior to re-entry.

Our Department operates in four different buildings.  When considering a return to campus, please be sure to review the information specific to your building and your lab.

Northwest Labs

At this time, NW is operating at low density based on approved PI plans only.  You must be on an approved roster before returning to the lab.  If you are not on an approved roster, please refer to the information for William James Hall.

William James Hall, Shannon Hall, and Vanserg

Access to these buildings is currently restricted to one-time access for move-outs and pick-ups of essential items only.  Entry requires email confirmation from Matt Nock (Chair) or Krista Lester (DAO).  Requests can be submitted via the Building Access Request Form.

Preparing Your Plan

Prior to Return

  • Take the required Safety Training
  • Use Crimson Clear prior to entry each day you are on campus
  • If you will be on campus more than 4 hours in a week, get Baseline VIral Testing within 2-3 days prior to or after return to campus and no later than two weeks after arrival to campus.

For more detail, see the complete Checklist of Steps to Take before You Return.

Those coming from outside of Massachusetts will be required to quarantine for 14 days, per state quarantine guidelines.

  • Stay tuned for updates