Animal Learning and Cognition

2019 Oct 29

Psychology Colloquium - Michael L. Platt, Ph.D. (postponed)

3:00pm to 4:30pm


William James Hall - Basement Auditorium - Room 1

Postponed until Fall, 2020

Michael L. PLatt, Ph.D. - University of Pennsylvania

James S. Riepe University Professor

Department of Neuroscience (Perelman School of Medicine)
Department of Marketing (The Wharton School)
Department of Psychology (School of Arts & Sciences...

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2016 Nov 02

Colloquium - Jenny Saffran, PhD

4:00pm to 5:00pm


William James Hall - Room 1, Basement Auditorium

Jenny Saffran, PhD

 Professor of Psychology

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Topic : Building a lexicon


Words are bundles of meanings and sounds (or signs). As mature language users, we have sophisticated knowledge about how words work, both on their own and as part of a lexicon. How does that knowledge emerge? In my...

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