Clinical Job Talk: Leah Richmond-Rakerd, Duke University


Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 4:00pm to 5:15pm


401 William James Hall


Self-regulation over the life course: Insights from genetics, cohort studies, and population registers


The ability to regulate one’s own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors is of paramount importance to health. Dr. Richmond-Rakerd will present her program of research on self-regulation and its mental-health outcomes, including substance abuse, antisocial behavior, and suicide and self-harm. Leveraging genetically-informative, longitudinal, and nationwide-register data from five countries, she will (1) demonstrate the value of causally- and developmentally-informative methods for advancing the prevention, early identification, and treatment of self-regulation difficulties; and (2) characterize the implications of self-regulation for health disparities, social inequalities, and population wellbeing. Dr. Richmond-Rakerd will then present her big-picture vision for her future research, including her plans to investigate self-regulation as a key contributor to the aging process. She will also identify opportunities to involve students in the work.