Online Psychology Studies

Below are links to ongoing online studies in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. These studies are for volunteers. They are not for payment. If you are interested in participating in psychology studies for compensation, please visit the Study Pool website for details on eligibility and sign-up.  All studies posted here have been approved by the Committee on the Use of Human Subjects. 

Each survey provides its own consent form information. You have the right to withdraw your participation at any time. If you have questions about any individual survey, please contact the researcher associated with it by email.  The researcher contact information is found on the first page of the online survey.

  • Mind Survey Website (survey lengths vary) - Ask and answer questions about the mind. Help us understand how you perceive the mind. Your participation is anonymous.
  • Games With Words (experiment lengths vary) - How do we understand what people are saying? Participate in experiments on lanugage and learn more about your own language abilities.
Thank you for your contribution to social science research.